The production facility of Fergali Srl ranges between different activities and processes to have a wide range of production aimed at customers who require, in particular:

Melting furnaces
Reverberation furnaces, fixed or tilting basin for casting of aluminium, zinc, lead and their metallurgical treatment
Twirling furnaces for casting alloy Furnaces with contrasted doors

Semicontinuous casting plants
Wells of semicontinuous casting
Accessories for casting plants Cutting lines for billets and plates

Homogenisation plants
Homogenisation furnaces for billets
Posting for load and unload for homogeneization furnaces
Cooling rooms for billets
Loading machines

Plants for press of profile extrusion
Push furnace for heating of billets of aluminium and non ironed materials
Furnaces with room for heating of matrixes
Furnaces for ageing of profiles
Cutting machines
Stretcher machines
Brake off machines
Puller with pallets (single and double)

Furnaces for heating and thermal treatment
Plants for thermal treatment of light alloy
Forges for heating of ingots and profiles for casting and lamination of light alloy
Muffle’s furnaces for cementation, re-cooking and recovery of light alloy
Mobile sole with wagon furnaces for re-cooking of non ironed materials
Wandering footstep furnaces for heating of ingots and billets
Automatic and complete furnaces for hardering and tempering and ageing solution

Furnaces for die casting
Fixed and tilting basin furnaces for casting and waiting for aluminium
Semi humid sole furnaces for casting and waiting for aluminium
Upon posted rooms furnaces for rapid melting
Automatic dosing for die casting machines
Fixed or tilting crucible furnaces for melting of zinc, lead, aluminium and non ironed alloys
Complete machines for casting in low pressure for moulding of light alloy

Drying furnaces
Rotative drying room to dry sand for foundry

Special plants
Complete plants to fuse wreck of light alloy and ingot machinery for moulding of ingot
Complete plants for casting of billets and plates
Accessory for foundry

Software for data management
Customized software to monitor all the foundry based on the customer requirements