w fergal4 pages to jpg 0001 500Workshops, warehouses, technical and administrative offices, located in an area of 27,400 square meters in total. Two generations and more than a quarter of a century of history. Decades of passion, competence and growth. These, in summary, are our numbers since 1988!
Beyond the numbers, Fergal is today a real point of reference in the design and construction of industrial furnaces and plants for the melting and heat treatment of aluminum and light alloys. We are considered the number one in the sector in Italy and we are very well regarded worldwide, thanks to our structure, the continuous investment in research and development, the constantly expanded production range and the high internal technological level.

In recent years, the company has focused its attention on furnaces for the melting and treatment of aluminum and light alloys as well as the heat treatment of steel, counting among its customers all those who work with aluminum at 360 °; from the automotive market to metal recovery, from the production of primary aluminum to the finished product and the inherent technical treatments, from military to aeronautics.

software foto  industria 4 0With a view to increasingly advanced and technological industry, special attention deserves our management software department and data acquisition systems, which develops customized programs for monitoring the entire foundry, on a platform at the customer's request.

software Pagina automazione e supervisione

We develop a scheduled production for every plant need and the technical office, equipped with the most modern design and design systems, works with a view to continuous product improvement and the study of particular creations according to customer requests.

Among the best known products are our melting furnaces (which reach up to 180 tons of aluminum capacity), melting and waiting furnaces for die casting, plants for the melting of light alloy scrap complete with ingot molding machines for ingots and stackers , heating furnaces and heat treatment for aluminum and steel, special systems for drying and extrusion as well as a series of foundry equipment such as ladles, ladle heaters, etc ...

Thanks to highly specialized staff, we carry out the commissioning of our ovens and technical assistance at the customer's facility.

Precisely the ability to support customers in their stages of technological advancement and the ability to know how to follow the needs of the markets, makes us the ideal partner for foundries and refineries.

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