Refinery sector: Single chamber furnaces

Refinery sector: Double chamber furnaces

Refinery sector: Ingots stacker

Refinery sector: Billet shears

Refineries Sector: Chip drying

Refinery sector: In-line filters

Refineries sector: Casting wells

Refineries Sector: Billet refinery

Refinery sector: Complete foundries

Refinery sector: Single and double ingot molding machines with stacker

  • Double chamber furnaces up to 150 Ton capacity for the scraps melting of various types as cans, carters, profiles, shavings etc…

  • Melting furnace with single chamber equipable with pump, stirer etc…

  • In-line filters for metal refining

  • Holding furnaces

  • Single and double ingots machine complete with ingots stacker

  • Casting wells for billets, plates and t-bar

  • Twirling furnaces

  • Shavings drying plant

  • Accesories for foundry

  • Special plants based on a customer requirements